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          CWX Marine Electromotive Centrifugal-Vortex Pump

          CWX Marine Electromotive Centrifugal-Vortex Pump


          1.5CWX-4、1.5CWX-4A、1.5CWX-3、1.5CWX-3A、1.5CWX-2、1.5CWX-2A marine electromotive centrifugal-vortex pump can transport drinking water and washing water,and can be used as sanitary pump to transport seawater or fresh water.

          The typical example and its explanation for the pump type

          For example : 1.5CWX-4A
          1.5-the value of entrance diameter divided by 25 ,mm
          CWX- electromotive centrifugal-vortex pump
          4-the approximate value of the specific speed divided by ten.
          A-it express that pump is supported by a bracket.

          Main technical performance parameters

          When the frequency of the driving motor is 50Hz,the main technical performancy parameters are showed in table.

          Name Unit pump type
          1.5CWX-4A 1.5CWX-3A 1.5CWX-2A
          1.5CWX-4 1.5CWX-3 1.5CWX-2
          Capacity M3/h M3/h 10 6.5 3
          Head m 35 35 40
          Self-prming head m 4(rated) 8(max)
          speed r/min 2900 2900 2900
          Shaft power kW 2.5 2.3 2
          Matched power kW 4 3 2.2