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          AELC-Type Self-Priming Device

          AELC-Type Self-Priming Device


          AELC-type self-priming device is able to make the pump accomplish self-priming action by means of the injecting compressed air. It has smaller dimensions and lighter weight, so it is a convenient device. If can be mounted on the pump shelf and connected to the pump chamber by the air pipe and mak'es the pump have self-priming function. When the water is full within the pump chamber. the device can repidly start and automatically turn-off affer some time.Of course this device can be also used in some industrial pumps.

          Performance Parameters

          AELC-type self-priming device have three different peance parameters, but their dimensions are all same. the users may freely selecte according themself requirement. The parameters are AELC-0.3, AELC-0.8, AELC-0.8.1n the parameters,0.3,0.5and 0.8expresses injecting volume of air per minute.